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The Most Compassionate!!

To Shamar Rinpoche:

You are being the light, guiding human in their path,
For many have lost ours, you guide us by your heart.
Your compassion for all the living things that the earth hold,
In my heart, etched in golden letters is whatever you ever told.
For I am here to follow your way, learning to be human,
To love those who need love, for who, there’s none.
All things, small and beautiful, never so looked good,
Until your ways nourished my thoughts ,with knowledge food.
You are a very learned, I submit to you,
You show me the path ,which is true.
I will follow you like the blind,
Nurture me with compassion, you lead me I am behind.
A heart which loves animal is the purest of all,
You are the purest of pure ,you care for all, big or small.
Every minute with you, I am so proud to be,
I found a guru ,who helps to find me in me.
Many things I may have wished to do ,could never begin,
All my wish may have trashed to the bin.
Unless I have met you, and know it’s a service and sacrifice ,
To dedicate our life, to they who need our love to stop their cries.
You inspire in me to move towards my goals, on a positive note,
I have to just follow on your path, I am sure I will have your blessings, and support.
To Shamar Rinpoche with love from umesh through Sudhir for your infinite compassion towards animals ,and your fight for their dignity…..
Inspired by Our Master Shamar Rinpoche’s thinking…

Subjugué par le maître

Nous étions en retraite à Kundreul Ling II. Shamarpa est venu nous rendre visite. A l´ouverture de la porte du droupkang, il était tellement puissant que nous avons quasiment tous reculé d´un mètre (au sens figuré) et il nous offert un merveilleux sourire plein de bieveillance. Peu après, assis sur son trône il me semblait mesurer au moins six mètres. Débonnaire, mangeant des raisins, il nous posait des questions sur notre pratique. J´osais à peine croiser son regard laser. Sous le charme et subjugué par la puissante bienveillance du maître.

souvenir de Shamar Rinpoché

Nous étions en route pourle Bost quand sur une aire de repos où l’herbe était rase et peu accueillante, Shamar Rinpoché dans un regard rêveur nous a parlé de l’univers de Déwachen : ” là-bas l’herbe est grasse, très douce au toucher. Les fleurs sont belles et parfurmées. Tout est serein et..”. Pendant ces quelques minutes où il décrivait cet univers de paradis son esprit était comme transporté. L’un de nous a osé posé juste une question : “mais comment le savez vous Rinpoché ?” Le regard droit et courroucé Rinpoché a répondu fermement “JE SAIS !”



How I want whole wide world
to feel what I feel
to be in your ‘presence’
But words fail me …

Why am I even surprised?
Wisdom is not a scholar’s muse
Emptiness is not a fisherman’s catch
Bodhicitta is not a copyright quote

You were part of everything, including youtube (lol)
and also beyond it all
Mere words will never measure
the vastness of your supreme being

This realization is the best consolation
for our grief stricken loss
You showed us how to walk on this earth
Beyond coming and going, life and death …

You are an indomitable example
Of the compassion of a fearless Buddha
You are our infallible refuge
Embodiment of Marpa and all the Buddhas

I miss you terribly
But I cannot miss your manifested ‘Self’
You are everything in and beyond space
You were, is and are everywhere

But may you reveal your nirmanakaya self swiftly
for the likes of deluded us
and the degenerate era
This world needs you now more than ever !!!

You don’t have to fear to swim against the stream

Having the chance to bid farewell to the great Kunzig Shamarpa in idyllic Renchen-Ulm, I realized clearer than ever how much Rinpoche had inspired me. I received both my first Bodhisattva promise and my first tantric buddhist initiation from him in 1986; his ‘retour-smile’ to me then reflected just joy. When in later years we met several times at group talks concerning PR activities in favour of Karmapa Thaye Dorje and on other occasions, he was always both charismatic and hands-on, completely honest, clear in his words, but as polite as possible and absolutely well-acquainted with the western mentality. Besides this, I liked his kind of humor very much.

Kunzig Shamarpa’s life was dominated by his responsibilities for the Karma Kagyu tradition at exciting times and under hard circumstances. His struggle for a free and authentic Karmapa deserved highest respect. We learnt: When, after thorough pondering, you are convinced of something, you do not have to fear to swim against the stream. What an example of courage and loyalty!

The days after Rinpoche’s passing visitors saw many rainbows, aureoles around the sun and highly unusual cloud formations in and around Renchen. Kunzig Shamarpa’s body may be gone, but not his blessing. I feel overwhelmed by gratitude.

Oh precious teacher

Oh precious teacher,

Countless eons ago,
you cut all suffering at the root
and realized that
whatever is dependently arisen is
unceasing, unborn,
unannihilated, not permanent,
not coming, not going,
without distinction, without identity
and free from conceptual construction.

Yet I, for whom these are but words,
am struck by grief on this sad day
that you Shamarpa Mipham Chokyi Lodro
stopped manifesting in this world.

Due to a small break in my bad karma,
accumulated through beginningless wandering,
due to a flicker of merit in this life,
I met you Rinpoche and received your precious teachings.

The wishfulfilling instructions on bodhicitta
you put into my hand and heart.
If now I fail to put them into practise,
when could such a chance be mine again?

Therefore, kind teacher, grant your blessing,
that I never fail or falter on the bodhi path.
Through your continous inspiration may I persevere in practise
and diligently train my mind.

And all the merit gained thereby, I will
dedicate wholeheartedly to the fullfillment of your wishes,
so that all obstacles may be dispelled, which would hinder
your swift return