The Most Compassionate!!

To Shamar Rinpoche:

You are being the light, guiding human in their path,
For many have lost ours, you guide us by your heart.
Your compassion for all the living things that the earth hold,
In my heart, etched in golden letters is whatever you ever told.
For I am here to follow your way, learning to be human,
To love those who need love, for who, there’s none.
All things, small and beautiful, never so looked good,
Until your ways nourished my thoughts ,with knowledge food.
You are a very learned, I submit to you,
You show me the path ,which is true.
I will follow you like the blind,
Nurture me with compassion, you lead me I am behind.
A heart which loves animal is the purest of all,
You are the purest of pure ,you care for all, big or small.
Every minute with you, I am so proud to be,
I found a guru ,who helps to find me in me.
Many things I may have wished to do ,could never begin,
All my wish may have trashed to the bin.
Unless I have met you, and know it’s a service and sacrifice ,
To dedicate our life, to they who need our love to stop their cries.
You inspire in me to move towards my goals, on a positive note,
I have to just follow on your path, I am sure I will have your blessings, and support.
To Shamar Rinpoche with love from umesh through Sudhir for your infinite compassion towards animals ,and your fight for their dignity…..
Inspired by Our Master Shamar Rinpoche’s thinking…