Oh precious teacher

Oh precious teacher,

Countless eons ago,
you cut all suffering at the root
and realized that
whatever is dependently arisen is
unceasing, unborn,
unannihilated, not permanent,
not coming, not going,
without distinction, without identity
and free from conceptual construction.

Yet I, for whom these are but words,
am struck by grief on this sad day
that you Shamarpa Mipham Chokyi Lodro
stopped manifesting in this world.

Due to a small break in my bad karma,
accumulated through beginningless wandering,
due to a flicker of merit in this life,
I met you Rinpoche and received your precious teachings.

The wishfulfilling instructions on bodhicitta
you put into my hand and heart.
If now I fail to put them into practise,
when could such a chance be mine again?

Therefore, kind teacher, grant your blessing,
that I never fail or falter on the bodhi path.
Through your continous inspiration may I persevere in practise
and diligently train my mind.

And all the merit gained thereby, I will
dedicate wholeheartedly to the fullfillment of your wishes,
so that all obstacles may be dispelled, which would hinder
your swift return