You have to medidate!

Dear Shamar Rinpoche,
it is now ten years, that I first met you in Germany and had the privilege to get teachings from you
and be part of the Renchen/Ulm Sangha. One point you always made very clearly is your request that
we should meditate. I am so grateful to you that you requested us to do this so many times since it really made me to sit down regularly and meditate and I found the most interesting thing in my life: meditation!

Dear Rinpoche, words are not able to express my appreciation of your precious teachings and devotion to you as a very special teacher which guided me and will guide me in future.
Thank you for organizing the Bodhi Path centers and especially the center in Renchen/Ulm which became a very special place for the Dharma activities in Europa, thank you for asking people like Sabine Teuber or others who help that your wishes become true, thank you for everything,
from the bottom of my heart,
Robert Polly