Visit of the Karma Kagyu Monastery, Taiwan, March 2002

Upon request of venerable Lopon Tenzin Jigme Rinpoche, the head of Karma Kagyu Monastery in Taiwan, Shamar Rimpoche arrived at CKS airport, Taipei on March 1st, 2002 to start a consecutive 12-day program including a series of empowerments, pujas and official visits. And, there were hundreds of disciples waiting in the airport to express their hearty welcome. People were exciting, waving flags and hurrahed "Tsashi Deleh" which means best wishes. Shamar Rimpoche smiled and waved to people. Some disciples presented flowers, offered kada (Tibetan silk scarf) to Sharma Rinpoche and received blessings from him instead.

Later that afternoon on March 1st, Shamar Rimpoche was interviewed at a live show named " Life Kimochi", a well-known and popular TV show in Taiwan, Chung-Tien TV station. Shamar Rimpoche explained what is the meaning of "empowerment" in front of Taiwanese audience with friendly and confident smile. When he was asked is there any qualification or limitation to people who are interested to receive empowerments, he pointed out whosever has good attitude to learn the dharma is qualified to attain the initiation. During the session, in order to stabilize the blessings, people are allowed to make a wish for the good of all sentient beings, not a negative wish or a wish only for oneself. Shamar Rimpoche tried to speak and instruct in a simple and easy way to most people who don’t have too much knowledge about the dharma. After the show, he also granted blessings to Mr. Chen, Jing-Zang, the president of Chung-Tien TV station.

Shamar Rimpoche, deemed as a manifestation of Buddha Amitabha, is the regent and guru of the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa and the co-founder of the Karmapa International Buddhist Institute, New Dehli, India. Shamar Rimpoche frequently travels abroad and teaches at many Kagyu centers worldwide. Having supported and instructed for more than 30 years, Shamar Rimpoche has millions of disciples all over the world. Apparently, being a holder of entire Kagyu teachings, Shamar Rimpoche has become an authentic master of Tibetan Buddhism. In general, Shamarpas has ensured the continuity of Karma Kagyu lineage, ruling during the transition period between two incarnations of the Karmapas. Both the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Thinley Thaye Dorje and the 3rd Lopon Tenzin Jigme Rinpoche are identified and recognized by the Shamarpa.

The major purposes of Shamar Rimpoche’s visit to Taiwan include :

  • Granting blessings for the stabilization of Taiwan
  • Guiding people about the real value of virtues
  • Distributing the concept of compassion, patience, and liberality
  • Disseminating the doctrine of genuine Buddhism

The venerable Lopon Tenzin Jigme Rinpoche expressed that the real motivation of this invitation is: By means of guidance from Shamar Rimpoche and compassionate blessings from the dharma, hopefully, Taiwanese will regain strength to establish a safe, prosperous and well-functioned society. Lopon Rinpoche also wishes the empowerments and teachings from Shamar Rimpoche will lead us toward the enlightenment of life and the primordial nature of mind. People who are interested in Karma Kagyu lineage and the pujas held in Taipei, Tai-Chung and Tainan from March 2nd to March 12th, 2002 are freely to join. These pujas are sponsored and financed by all the members of the Karma Kagyu Monastery.
Location and phone numbers are listed below:

91-2, Dzo-Dzen Village, Dzo-Dzen Hsiang,

Tainan Hsien, Taiwan, ROC

Tel: 06-573-2103 06-573-1156



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And, followed is a schedule of the pujas and empowerments held during the visit of Shamar Rimpoche:

03/02 (Saturday) 7:30pm Marpa Empowerment,
Taipei International Convention Center Rm. 201.

03/03(Sun.) 2:00pm Vajravarahi Empowerment,
Taipei International Convention Center Rm. 201.

03/05(Tue.) 7:30pm Dorjenamjong Empowerment,
The Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Tai-Chun.

03/08 (Fri.) 11:00am Welcome ceremony
at the Karma Kagyu Monastery, Dzo-Dzen, Tainan Hsien.
2:00pm Hevajra puja.

03/09(Sat.) 9:00am Hevajra puja.
2:00pm Hevajra puja.

03/10(Sun.) 9:00am Hevajra puja.
3:00pm Hevajra puja Empowerment (the beginning part).

03/11(Mon.) 9:00am Hevajra puja.
1:00pm Hevajra puja Empowerment (main part).