The year 2000

The year 2000 ended with the Kagyu Monlam, which was held at Bodhi Gaya starting on December 1. It continued for a week, and Shamarpa Rinpoche led the prayers. Thousands of monks from the Himalayan region and disciples from all over the world were present for the ceremonies. During this auspicious week, Shamarpa Rinpoche donated 50,000 Rupees to the Upasikas from the Thankabir monastery in Bhutan which was developed by the 4th Shamarpa in the 13th century. He also advised them to perform the Singjong Puja.

Starting on the January 10, Shamarpa Rinpoche visited the centers in Malaysia and Singapore accompanied by Ven. Shangpa Rinpoche. On arrival in Kuala Lumpur, a large group of people welcomed him. Over the next few days in Kuala Lumpur, he gave some initiations and performed pujas. On January 11, he gave the empowerment and ended the evening’s program with the lighting of the pagoda lamps. On the following days, he gave the Amitabha initiation, Zambala initiation and Green Tara Initiation. He also administered refuge vows for many disciples. After the Green Tara initiation, birds were released.

On January 15 he arrived at Johore Bahru and gave the Avalokiteshwara initiation. The next day he proceeded to Kuching where many disciples greeted him at the airport. While there, he conducted a series of Dharma activities nonstop.

On the same evening as his arrival in Kuching, Malaysia, he accepted the offering of body, speech and mind by the local Dharma committee, members at the centers and guests from the area. Followed by prayers for Lung Ta (Prayer Flags) on the morning of the 17th, center members assisted in the joyous event of hanging and raising of wind flags at the center to mark the never-ending wishing prayers made for the benefit of all sentient beings. At eight o’clock that evening, Shamarpa Rinpoche performed Nam-To-Shey (Tibetan for the Wealth Bestower who is one of the four guardian kings) Initiation and Fire Puja at the center. The ceremonies went on into late night, and the audience stayed also to receive the blessing of such transmission.

On the evening of January 18, Rinpoche held the Chenrezig inititation and puja connected to the "Mani Project." By the end of the evening many devotees had smiling but tired faces after having personal consultation with Rinpoche in the afternoon and attending the initiation in the evening.

The Mahakala Puja began on January 19 at two o’clock in the afternoon to request the harmonious success of activities from the Kagyu protector. Following this, Shamarpa Rinpoche gave teachings on the Chenrezig (Tibetan for four-armed Avalokiteshwara) practice. He encouraged everyone to practice accordingly and diligently.

On January 20 Rinpoche departed for Singapore where a group of eager followers received and accompanied him to the centre. The next evening Rinpoche conducted the Vajrasattva puja and initiation for which all the members of the center were present. Then on January 21, he gave a teaching on meditation relating to the Mahamudra.

The 23rd being the eve of the Chinese New Year, the Mahakala puja was performed. The next morning the Buddha Sakyamuni and 16 Arahats Puja was performed along with the long -life prayers for the 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje. Many people came to wish Rinpoche New Year greetings throughout the day. On the last day of his stay in Singapore, Shamar Rimpoche along with Shangpa Rinpoche initiated the Children Dharma Class. The next morning Rinpoche left for India.

For a week or so at the end of February, Rinpoche taught Dode Gyen at the University of Hong Kong. Last fall he also lectured at this university.