The new Primary School of the Tilopa Institute

In Northern India, about 30 kilometres from Dharamsala, in the lush foothills of the Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh, close to the place where the Mahasiddha Tilopa realized Mahamudra, a new Primary school is being founded by Shamar Rinpoche. The place has a striking vista of the mountains, and is perfectly suited for studies and meditation.

The school is situated on a nearly 10.000 square meter property, acquired in 1991 by the Tibetan nun Ani Pema Sangmo. According to Shamar Rinpoche’s instructions Ani Pema Sangmo has nearly single-handedly orchestrated the building of the school.

The main target of the school is to train qualified Dharma translators. The work of the translators will be an ongoing contribution to the future by ensuring that Buddhism remains accessible in its full diversity to the whole world.

Forty students between the ages of 7–14 years will begin a seven year program of basic training for this target. Alongside the main emphasis of Tibetan, Sanskrit and English languages, general subjects such as mathematics, geography and history are also part of the curriculum. After a successful completion of this basic education, the students will be able to continue their studies at Institutions of Higher Education in India.

The school’s interior will house 2 classrooms, a kitchen as well as dining-hall, office and the accommodations for the students. As is customary in India, the Tilopa Institute is a boarding school. The students will live at the school and return home to their families only for holidays. Three teachers will teach at the institute. All students receive free board and lodging, as well as books and other study aids.

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