Teachings at Bodhi Path Natural Bridge, USA

From September 25-27, 2009, at the Bodhi Path Buddhist Center of Natural Bridge, Virginia (USA), Shamar Rinpoche gave teachings on Lojong (Mind Training) and Bodhisattva vows to approximately 175 program attendees. Based on his new book, The Path to Awakening, Rinpoche’s teachings were his second in a sequence of transmissions on the Seven Points of Mind Training. These teachings represent Rinpoche’s synthesis of a curriculum of practice he is recommending for all dharma practitioners, and particularly those at Bodhi Path Buddhist centers. The event also marked the annual meeting for members of Bodhi Path Buddhist centers.

On the first day, Rinpoche continued his teachings from the previous year on the preliminaries of mind training, focusing on the methods for shamatha (Tib: Shi-nay) meditation as a remedy for anger, pride and ignorance. These practices are aimed at developing mind’s stability and reducing distraction and self-clinging. On the second day, Rinpoche taught on ultimate Bodhicitta, related to vipassana (Tib: Lhaktong) methods for removing ignorance. With the foundation and stability of shamatha, these methods of insight and analysis provide direct experience of the unborn nature of mind.

Photos of the event are available at this Photo Gallery.