Teachings and empowerment in Geneva Switzerland September 2006

Shamar Rimpoche arrived on Friday morning, September 15, at Geneva airport, where Venerable Lama Mönlam Gyatso and devotees welcomed him. He was accompanied to one of the centers nearby Geneva at Anières, where he stayed during the four days. On the day of his arrival, the sky was auspicious: a very soft rain fell on the region and a colorful double rainbow appeared.

On the weekend, Shamar Rimpoche gave three teaching sessions in downtown Geneva on "The four foundations of mindfulness", conferred the Amitabha empowerment and gave the refuge vow.

Numerous followers from Switzerland, from the neighboring countries France, Germany, Italy and Austria, as well as from many other parts of Europe, such as Ireland, Spain, Hungary or the Czech Republic, gathered in Geneva to attend the teaching, which was given by Shamar Rimpoche in English and translated into French and German.

In an extremely clear and comprehensible way, Shamar Rimpoche led the audience through the four foundations of mindfulness, explaining how to place mindfulness on body, sensations, mind and phenomena so as to attain freedom from obscurations, and from the conditioned state of existence. During the teaching sessions, the meditation instructions were put directly into practice under the guidance of Shamarpa, who encouraged the practitioners to report their experience to him and answered their questions.