Teaching in Renchen-Ulm

Shamar Rimpoche visited the Boddhi Path Center in Renchen-Ulm, and gave a course on Lojong, the 7-Points Mind Training.

This course with Sharma Rimpoche was the beginning of a very detailed and precious transmission that will be continued with two more courses to follow.

Sharma Rimpoche has composed a new text based on Lojong, which will be published shortly.

The course began with introductory explanations, and detailed explanations on the first of the seven points-The Preliminaries

Rimpoche spoke of the four contemplations which turn the mind away from Samsara; also about Shine, the meditation of calm abiding. Rimpoche gave precise instructions as to how to practice Shine correctly; either as beginners, or as advanced practitioners. He emphasized the practice of Shine a great deal, saying that it is the basis of all Buddhist practices, and that there is no enlightenment without Shine.

To practice correctly, one must practice step by step, starting slowly to develop stability, and continuing until there is a real experience of mental peace. Rimpoche asked us to practice Shine in this way, in order to progress to the point when we will be ready for further instructions in the next course.

Rimpoche also gave the Buddha Amitabha Initiation/Empowerment on Sunday, combined with Tsok offerings.

More than 200 International guests attended this wonderful event, and more than 300 guests participated in the Buddha Amitabha initiation on Sunday.

Translation in German, English, French, Italian and Danish were provided. Participants came from twelve countries in Europe.

The atmosphere during this international course was very joyful and inspiring. We are very much looking forward to Rimpoche’s next visit, and the continuation of his teachings.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to Shamar Rimpoche, the translators, and to the many other people who helped to make this occasion possible.

The Boddhi Path Team of Renchen-Ulm