So nice!

It was in 93 when Shamar Rinpoche came to the Dharmacenter of Heidelberg/Germany. We were very few people to prepare everything,and between cleaning, cooking, preparing the shrine room and so on there was little time for something else. At the end, I saw many dandelions growing between the stones of the courtyard, and I tried to take them out, but unfortunately there were so many that I didn’t finish in the short time resting before Rinpoche arrived. I felt a little bad about that because it spoiled somehow the rest of the work.
When Rinpoche arrived, the first thing he said was: “Oh how nice, all these dandelions growing between the stones, it reminds me of Bhutan!” I was just overwhelmed by that, how could he know, and what a great compassion he manifested towards me by showing me that there is no problem! If in my narrow mind I worried for dandelions, he would even talk about dandelions!
Rinpoches mind was so strong that he helped us clear up all our doubts. His speech was so one-pointed that he could answer even the deepest question with only one sentence. His heart was so big that it embraced everything and one was just happy besides him.
We feel so lost without his physical presence, but his mind cannot end because he is a living Buddha as he proved us so many times. May You come back soon, Rinpoche!