January, 2007 Shamar Rimpoche met Orgyen Trinley Rinpoche

Recently, on January 9, 2007, His Holiness Shamarpa Rinpoche met His Holiness Orgyen Trinley Rinpoche at 10 a.m. in the Oberoi Intercontinental Hotel at New Delhi, India.

In 2005, while Shamarpa Rinpoche was teaching in Hong Kong, he received a phone call from H.H. Drigung Chetsang Rinpoche. During the conversation, Drigung Chetsang Rinpoche mentioned to Shamar Rinpoche that, during his recent meeting with Orgyen Trinley Rinpoche at Bodh Gaya, Orgyen Trinley Rinpoche had requested him to arrange a personal meeting with Shamar Rinpoche. Drigung Chetsang Rinpoche expressed that if this meeting between Shamar Rinpoche and Orgyen Trinley Rinpoche could take place, it would bring positive results for everyone.

Shamar Rinpoche himself was open to this meeting. However, he told Drigung Chetsang Rinpoche that he could not decide about the meeting at that very moment. He wished to wait until he was back in India to give his reply.

After he arrived in India, Shamar Rinpoche sent a written letter to Drigung Chetsang Rinpoche thanking him for conveying the message from Orgyen Trinley Rinpoche. He also mentioned that the meeting with Orgyen Trinley Rinpoche was not possible at that time. The reason was because in the past, some corrupt politicians in Sikkim have misused the name of Orgyen Trinley, and collaborated with China. As a result, their actions have greatly aggravated the government of India. Therefore, for Shamar Rinpoche to meet with Orgyen Trinley Rinpoche at that time would invite unwarranted suspicions from the India government upon himself.

Early this year, Venerable Chokyi Nyima of Ka Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery in Nepal met Orgyen Trinley Rinpoche at Bodh Gaya. Once again Orgyen Trinley Rinpoche mentioned his desire to meet Shamar Rinpoche and requested Chokyi Nyima to arrange a personal meeting with Shamar Rinpoche. This time, Shamar Rinpoche, respecting Orgyen Trinley Rinpoche’s invitation, proceeded to arrange a time to meet.

During the meeting, I observed and understood that clearly, Orgyen Trinley Rinpoche’s objective in meeting with Shamar Rinpoche was not because he was eager to go to Rumtek Monastery, nor was it to gain control of the monastery. Rather, it appears that Orgyen Trinley Rinpoche, who is now an adult, has come to realize that some of his own people, the so-called fighters on his behalf, are actually misusing his name and position for their own selfish goals. Orgyen Trinley Rinpoche expressed his strong distaste at their negative activities, which have violated the peace in the dharma communities.

At the same time, Orgyen Trinley Rinpoche recognized that it was important to meet Shamar Rinpoche. The two of them working together, would be able to restore peace to the dharma communities.

Therefore, I ask every one of you to please guard against those people who have created, and are still creating the negative obstacles in the dharma communities. I request each and every well-wisher to please support both Shamar Rinpoche, and Orgyen Trinley Rinpoche to help fulfill their wishes to restore harmony among the dharma followers. Please give them your support not through feelings of the heart, but by sound judgment of the overall situation.

Dawa Tsering, Administration of His Holiness Shamarpa Rimpoche, March 19, 2007.

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