Instantaneous Pure Love

One year at Rinpoche’s VA teaching, we requested during lunchtime audience that Rinpoche come to teach 35 Buddhas at a center nearby. Instead, that very afternoon, Rinpoche concluded by performing the entire 35 Buddhas practice right in front of our eyes while facing the Buddha in the teaching hall with one of us seated just inches from Rinpoche. An instantaneous response from an authentic Wish-Fulfilling Jewel.

We are truly grateful to Shamar Rinpoche for providing us with a path filled with the promise of realization as free of traditions, tortures, & tricks as possible. In this age of envy, we hope that Rinpoche’s teachings continuously bloom as a testament to pure motivation, wisdom, and conduct. What an unrivaled gift to encounter such a straightforward teacher & teaching. May we never take this for granted, & may liberation be the only result for all who hear, understand, & practice Pure Dharma.

Thank you Rinpoche for your instantaneous pure love, “unbreakable like diamond”, which continues to illuminate our hearts & minds. Please remain with us~