I don’t know if we have room anymore for beings as unconditionally committed to pure Dharma as Shamarpa.  Attached to views, we fail to see conditionless compassion as siddhi when it is Supreme.  We may even fail to see it as compassion at all if not in accord with our so-called ‘spiritual’ purpose.  Shamar Rinpoche granted everyone – including those who doubted, deceived, opposed, or destroyed him – the inconceivably conditionless compassion of a Buddha to help us identify and eliminate discriminating mind, and progress. The only thing Rinpoche asked for was to see mind very clearly for what it is instead of solidifying discrimination or twisting Dharma for our own small purpose.  If we made genuine effort and were willing to admit our state of mind (secretly was always fine), then unconditional acceptance and strength poured effortlessly into our hearts. Rinpoche persistently demonstrated that conditionless compassion arises from great effort and great honesty. By what means do we think siddhis arise?  [insert Rinpoche’s laughter here!]


I know that my own impure state of mind regarding Rinpoche’s activities, even the Lineage itself, was a contributing cause of his early departure.  But the Shamarpas’ compassion is precisely that which embraces doubters, deceivers, enemies, and murderers.  How can we not rejoice at this?  I hope we will, and then rest our discriminating minds long enough to recognize the conditionless compassionate quality of Amitabha Buddha and request unceasing emanations of Shamarpa for our own welfare and the welfare of others.  I hope we take responsibility ourselves and become the cause of such an emanation instead of waiting for our Teachers, or some politician, to absolve us and recognize or reject a 15th Shamarpa. Surely we are capable of owning completely both our aspirations andour minds.


If, for whatever reason, we won’t do this for ourselves, what reason can we possibly have to deny this benefit to others?  To say that some are enemies, have no merit, or to give this reason or that, or to request an emanation of a certain persuasion or style conducive to this or that view or desire is just to condition our compassion.  Then what ‘brand’ of practitioner are we – the ‘Union of Luminosity and Emptiness Minus-x’?  Rinpoche would expect more effort, more honesty than this.  I request only that Shamarpa return, and that I may never be separated from pure devotion to my Teachers, without which all meditation turns to filth.


In gratitude for Rinpoche’s activities, Teachings, and inconceivably conditionless compassionate acceptance, and with complete regret for my impure State, I praise the 14th Shamarpa, Mipham Chokyi Lodro. AH!  Please return this instant for everyone’s Victory!