The 7th Shamarpa, Shamar Yeshe Nyinpo 1631 – 1694

It was the expressed wish of the 10th Karmapa that the 6th Shamarpa was to take his next rebirth by the Marchu River, in the eastern province of Kham. A wish expressed was to be a wish fulfilled. For in the propagation of Dharma, their wishes were, and as always, identical. At the time of birth, the triumphant sound of ‘gyal’ was heard ringing through the air. At the age of four, the nomadic Rinpoche could scale the highest face of a cliff with the greatest agility and perform other equally wonderous feats that no other nomadic child was ever expected to attempt. Outwardly a shepherd boy, that he was, in fact, the 7th Shamarpa had never crossed the minds of his simple family.

The Karmapa was aware that the Shamarpa had been born when he was in jangyül a neighbouring province in China; thence he proceeded, unattended and on foot, through Kham, to come to the Shamarpa. The Shamarpa daily waited for him by the river, tending to his flock of sheep. When the Karmapa finally arrived, his clothes bore witness to the hardship of a long journey. The Shamarpa forded the river, in a rush, to bow down before him. No joyful tale of a reunion was more poignantly told, than in the simple gesture of a prostration. When permission was sought for, it was granted by his nomadic parents for the child-Rinpoche to leave home. Together the Karmapa and the Shamarpa left for Jangyül where the 7th Shamarpa was enthroned in the name of Yeshe Nyinpo. And the Red Crown was returned to him with all the teachings and instructions of the Lineage. All this accomplished, they returned to Tibet together.

When the 10th Karmapa passed away, the 7th Shamarpa, as his Representative and Head of the Kagyü School, recognized and enthroned the 11th Karmapa Yeshe Dorje. Having transmitted all the Lineage Teachings and Instructions entrusted to him, he passed away.

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