from Matthew

As anyone who has been touched by Shamar Rinpoche’s activity can attest, he was an unparalleled being and a profound teacher, one of the rare ones capable of manifesting the optimal conditions for his students to see themselves in an honest, unfiltered way.

Shamar Rinpoche worked in many ways: often traveling the world by himself, floating under the radar; other times bringing storms (literally & metaphorically) in his wake. His methods varied depending on context, often leaving his students momentarily off-balance, but always on stronger footing. Yet his message never wavered: we all are capable of experiencing the true nature of our minds, in any place, in any time– be it in a mountain hermitage or an urban cocktail lounge. I will miss his wisdom, directness and compassion in keeping me honest and on course. As a teacher, he has left us with everything we need to achieve awakening. Now it is up to us to put it to practice.