Founder of Buddhismo Italia Forum

“Vajra Song for the Passing of the great Shamarpa on behalf of Buddhismo Italia Forum”

With your passing you left us in a deep Night, without Moon and Stars.
With the melancholy of someone who lost a Father and a Guide I sing to you these sad thougths

Following the illusions of this life, we neglected to nurture Your precious teachings.
Enjoyng bad companies and unsatisfying social relationships, we prefered them to Your profound blessing.
Because of our negative karma and repeated breakages of Samaya, we didn’t let Your nirmanakaya form to stay long in our World.
Under the illusion that life is endless, we missed all the opportunities to meet You and to be guided towards Perfection.

Autumn foretells a sad Winter of Death, but the blessing of Amithaba consoles us with thoughts of gratitude and hope
From the Land of Limitless Light, may your Red Crown awakens our minds, and transforms unreality into Reality.
May the Sun of your next incarnation rise soon in order to comfort our afflicted hearts, and may this be the dawn of a new beginning
Then, Your wishes will become true, and together, Karmapa and Shamarpa will lead us to Complete Enlightment.

Marco – Founder of Buddhismo Italia Forum