August 2007. Summer Course. Renchen-Ulm, Germany

Dear Friends,

We are happy to offer you the possibility to register now for the summer course 2007 of Kunzig Shamar Rimpoche.

The course will start August, 3rd and end August, 10th. Rinpoche will give the following teachings:

Philosophical part
– “The 8 groups of consciousness”
– “The 3 faculties of all-inclusive consciousness”

Meditation part
– “The 7-points mind-training”
The general teachings of the so-called 7 points of mind-training will be given in the center by different teachers. However, the Kadampa tradition of mind-training (lojong) has many profound levels. Rinpoche will start to give those advanced levels of teachings this year.

The course should take place in the new meditation hall here in the house, which yet has to be finished. This will not be possible without your help and support.

It would be a great contribution if you could participate in this work – in whatever way. You would participate in the completion of a meditation hall with a size of 114 m², which should provide enough space for the next summer course (and many others).

The support of such a project is considered to be very meritorious and beneficial. You will have a part in all the benefit that is emanated and this will certainly be limitless.

Our account number:
7901896600, GLS Gemeinschaftsbank, BLZ 43060967
or the international Bank codes:
IBAN: DE91 4306 0967 7901 8966 00

We are very much looking forward to this course and to welcoming you!

With warmest regards,
Your Bodhi Path Team

Sabine Teuber

Bodhi Path – Buddhistisches Zentrum der Karma Kagyü Linie
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D-77871 Renchen-Ulm
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