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Venue de Shamar Rinpoché à l’Institut Karmapa , mai 2014, France

Le week-enf fut d’une intense Douceur, d’Amour. Rinpoché avait un sourire qui rayonnait au delà du temple…
Lors de la bénédition, Rinpoché, qui était assis, a demandé aux personnes de la Sangha passant devant lui, de ne pas s’incliner et de rester droit… Ces personnes , les mains jointes, s’approchaient de Shamar Rinpoché, et s’inclinaient tout de même devant sa Sainteté.
Shamar Rinpoché s’est alors levé, et s’est mis debout, sur son trône, avec beaucoup d’humour… Les personnes passant devant étaient alors obligées de rester droites.
C’est un moment qui restera gravé en nos coeurs à tous.
Merci! Emaho!
Om Ami Dewa Hri …
_/ <3 _


I had the privilege to work with HH Shamar Rimpoche from December 1999 till a couple of years back mainly on the Karmapa issue in various Courts. He was indeed a very very wise person. The only person I have come across in my life who never spoke ill about anyone. His news of passing away has come as a personal loss to me. I hope that He will continue to guide all of us.


I had the pleasure of meeting him during a meditation course in Virginia. Most memorable was for me his incredible kindness. One time it struck me deeply: we were doing our meditation when suddenly Shamar Rinpoche looked in on us. Like a mother checking on her children, with a warmly smiling face he encouraged us in our practice. Afterward I was so moved that I cried for quite a long while. Please Shamar Rinpoche come back to us. And a thousand Thank you’s for giving us your loving presence. Gabriela

Instantaneous Pure Love

One year at Rinpoche’s VA teaching, we requested during lunchtime audience that Rinpoche come to teach 35 Buddhas at a center nearby. Instead, that very afternoon, Rinpoche concluded by performing the entire 35 Buddhas practice right in front of our eyes while facing the Buddha in the teaching hall with one of us seated just inches from Rinpoche. An instantaneous response from an authentic Wish-Fulfilling Jewel.

We are truly grateful to Shamar Rinpoche for providing us with a path filled with the promise of realization as free of traditions, tortures, & tricks as possible. In this age of envy, we hope that Rinpoche’s teachings continuously bloom as a testament to pure motivation, wisdom, and conduct. What an unrivaled gift to encounter such a straightforward teacher & teaching. May we never take this for granted, & may liberation be the only result for all who hear, understand, & practice Pure Dharma.

Thank you Rinpoche for your instantaneous pure love, “unbreakable like diamond”, which continues to illuminate our hearts & minds. Please remain with us~

Retires English Teacher

From my first close meeting with Shamar Rinpoche on the stairs at KIBI, the warmth and joy of Rinpoche’s energyfield always brought smiles to my face, heart and being. His kindness and patience with both me and all others was limitless – even when displaying anger, it was with deep compassion. His guidance to me was always correct and perfect. Most personally, I hold Rinpoche in my heart as a friend, a teacher, and a Nirmanakaya form. I will miss his smiles. But, wait with impatient joy to meet him soon once again.

Om Ami Dewa Hrih:

I am so happy I met Rinpoche when he visited Seattle this year. I was thrilled to be in his presence, hear him speak and to get a copy of his wonderful book “The Path to Awakening.” The mala he blessed is being used to do Amitabha practice and I greatly look forward to meeting the 15th Gyalwa Shamarpa. Shamarpa Khenno!