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Swift Return

I received a Vajrasattva empowerment from Rinpoche and felt a beautiful and transforming energy. Thanks for all what you did for us Rinpoche. May you swiftly return for the benefit of all beings.

My Dearest Great Guru, H.H. Shamarpa, I know you are always with us, never separate!

My Dearest Great Guru, H.H. Shamarpa, the Great Buddha Amitabha,

How are you in Dewachen now? I really miss you very very much!
This week I keep thinking of all the happy and touching memories with you, especially for the first time and the last time I met you.
Your beautiful and cheerful smile was like the bright sunshine which made me feel warm and safe, I will never forget it!
Thank you very much for all your great teachings and great blessings, I will keep working hard in dharma practicing and praying for you to rebirth very very soon _()_

My Dearest Great Guru, H.H. Shamarpa, I know you are always with us, never separate!

With all my great devotion and all my prayers,

Dechen Lhamo

Founder of Buddhismo Italia Forum

“Vajra Song for the Passing of the great Shamarpa on behalf of Buddhismo Italia Forum”

With your passing you left us in a deep Night, without Moon and Stars.
With the melancholy of someone who lost a Father and a Guide I sing to you these sad thougths

Following the illusions of this life, we neglected to nurture Your precious teachings.
Enjoyng bad companies and unsatisfying social relationships, we prefered them to Your profound blessing.
Because of our negative karma and repeated breakages of Samaya, we didn’t let Your nirmanakaya form to stay long in our World.
Under the illusion that life is endless, we missed all the opportunities to meet You and to be guided towards Perfection.

Autumn foretells a sad Winter of Death, but the blessing of Amithaba consoles us with thoughts of gratitude and hope
From the Land of Limitless Light, may your Red Crown awakens our minds, and transforms unreality into Reality.
May the Sun of your next incarnation rise soon in order to comfort our afflicted hearts, and may this be the dawn of a new beginning
Then, Your wishes will become true, and together, Karmapa and Shamarpa will lead us to Complete Enlightment.

Marco – Founder of Buddhismo Italia Forum

Doendrub Lhamo

I met Sharmapa in Austria for the first time where he gave us the empowerment on Avolokiteshwara. Being in his presence was like walking on air and being in love with the whole world! He was a unique teacher and person. May he come back soon !

Fully Loaded

A few days before Rinpoche’s passing our center hosted teachings with Shangpa Rinpoche. One thing that stuck out for me was Rinpoche’s translation of the Sanskrit term, Guru. Rinpoche said it literally meant, fully loaded. Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche was the embodiment of this. I will miss my dear Teacher.

Om Ami Dewa Hri

यह शब्द Emanation of infinite love that Your Teachings and Your Qualities radiate with no end? That You reach Dewatchen, from there to guide us again and again until our Enlightenments.

Tsawai Lama

Gyalwa Shamarpa was our Tsawai Lama. This was a choiceless ‘karmic’ choice. Gyalwa Shamarpa’s radiant compassion, piercing methods and priceless instructions makes this life worth living and striving for.

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche taught about the “indivisibility and universality of the Guru” and had remarked that “at the end of the day, all one remembers is the expressions of the Guru.” My Tsawai Lama embodies the truism of these statement for me.

My father was always in awe of Gyalwa Shamarpa’s innate capacity for predictions and prophesies from a very tender age. I myself was witness to a few such cases which can only be the workings of a great being, a Maha-Siddha, performing activities beyond the realms of the conventional boundaries.

For examples, in 1999, Gyalwa Shamarpa once advised me to take my father for surgery as soon as possible, against the advice of four of the best surgeons in Bhutan. Suffice to say, my father made a full recovery. When I went back to pay my respects and express my gratitude, Gyalwa Shamarpa spoke out before I did with a – “I told you so”.

There are innumerable lessons and impressions to be cited, in circumstances both ordinary and ceremonious alike. That which stands out is of Gyalwa Shamarpa putting us to little tests, and every time we failed, He would just remark with his customary flourish – “Small Mind!!!”

My Tsawai lama had an inconceivable mind that baffled both well wishers and so-called foes alike (I can easily imagine Gyalwa Shamarpa calling this statement “Small Mind” again). For a great being who resides in vast equanimity, He certainly never saw foes and friends like defiled emotional us. That is a simple but powerful lesson I will never forget.

I also remember how Gyalwa Shamarpa stood up very resolutely for an ordinary person (who was later inducted into His service) against one of His most influential and powerful patron. Such utterly fearless and compassionate integrity I have never since encountered in any other person in my life.

The Tsawai Lama had multitude of manifestations – carefree and boundless like a seven year old, deep and unshakable like a 2500 year old sage, fearless and indomitable like Ling Gesar Himself, … et al … I better stop here or I never will …

With heartfelt aspirations to see the sun rise from the dark horizons soon again…

Gyalwa Shamarpa Khyenno.

Meditative equipoise

Kungzig Shamar Rinpoche came to Manchester, UK (in the aptly name Renaissance (“re-birth”) hotel) – and taught us The Seven Points of Mind Training, just a fortnight ago.

During the session, Sharmapa treated those present to a demonstration of meditating on the empty nature of mind, and invited us to watch his face as he did so. What a wonderful treat that was! Full and yet empty, wholly present, unwavering, beaming. We were blessed and thankful to have this opportunity to receive his teaching.


Every empowerment from Shamarpa was So Special , So Amazing and So Powerful… Esp. Diamond Mind in Kassel, Germany was out of this world , Mahakala in Spain really Extraordinary for me among others. Thank You so Much Rinpoche