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A joke from Shamar Rimpoch√©…

Some years ago Rimpoch√© showed me his closed hand and said : “this is a gift for you…”.
In the same time I was surprised happy and honored that he could offer me a gift…
Probably he saw all of my thoughts because with a large smile, he opened his hand which was empty and added : “this is a piece of emptiness !!!”

from Matthew

As anyone who has been touched by Shamar Rinpoche’s activity can attest, he was an unparalleled being and a profound teacher, one of the rare ones capable of manifesting the optimal conditions for his students to see themselves in an honest, unfiltered way.

Shamar Rinpoche worked in many ways: often traveling the world by himself, floating under the radar; other times bringing storms (literally & metaphorically) in his wake. His methods varied depending on context, often leaving his students momentarily off-balance, but always on stronger footing. Yet his message never wavered: we all are capable of experiencing the true nature of our minds, in any place, in any time– be it in a mountain hermitage or an urban cocktail lounge. I will miss his wisdom, directness and compassion in keeping me honest and on course. As a teacher, he has left us with everything we need to achieve awakening. Now it is up to us to put it to practice.

Karma Tsultrim Taarchhin

I met Shamarpa twice in Karma Kagyud center in Malaysia. the last time i the great opportunity to meet Shamarpa was in 2012 when the HH paid his visit in our center in Kuala Lumpur.

In Kuala Lumpur, we started the Amitabha prayers since June 11th and will continue for 49 days.

I am indeed very sad with his passing, my heartfelt condolences to the lost of a Great teacher/Guru/Mentor.

Bye bye

:(( “Bye Bye” with Amitabha’s smile :))
was the lastest word you’ve pronounced in Karmapa’s Institute one month ago after Mahakala’s prayers.

<3 May you always guide us on the right way of love & wisdom <3