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I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who joined me in supporting Mrs Mariam Yahia Ibrahim in her fight for freedom.

Thanks to all of you speaking out her death sentence has been reversed and she and her newborn daughter are said to be reunited with her family in the coming days.

This will not truly be a victory until she has actually been released. We must continue to fight for her and all the women in the world who find themselves under oppression and their human rights being violated.

This wonderful news for Mrs Ibrahim shows when we speak out the world listens.

Shamar Rinpoche

A letter of support for Mrs Miriam Yehya Ibrahim

I would like to show my support for Mrs Miriam Yehya Ibrahim of

Her wrongful imprisonment and sentence to public whipping and death goes against international standards of Human rights. This is not an internal issue of one country but one that affects all of humanity.

I ask that everyone including world leaders and Nobel peace prize winners to join me in insisting on her right to have control over her own body and demanding her immediate release from prison in order to reunite her with her family.

Shamarpa Rinpoche